design system


Uniting Singapore Government Digital Services around a common UI language and user experience

Values of a Design System

Better Scalability

UI Components can be adapted to suit the changing needs of users.

Better trust

An instantly recognisable design language improves users' trust in your services.

Improved User Experience

Spend less time on styling. Spend more time on delivering a better user experience.

Faster Prototyping

Build and tear down prototypes and experiments quickly.

Easy Maintenance, Low Cost

Lower your technical debt. Reduce proliferation of inconsistent design choices.

Built-in Accessibility

Our UI Components are in compliance with the Singapore Government Digital Services Standards.

Be Part of the Change

SGDS is open source.

If you are a developer, designer or content writer, you can help us transform the Singapore Government's digital services. Let's build a living, continuously evolving trusted ecosystem together.

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