General Guidelines

General form design guidelines

Make the path to completion clear

  • Avoid multiple columns
  • Left align labels and fields
  • Use wizards to break long forms
  • If possible, allow users to save progress
  • Indicate completion progress
  • Make primary and secondary call-to-action buttons distinct and obvious
  • Call-to-action labels should be short and clear

Make the form easy to understand

  • Choose field types appropriately - this reduces confusion and makes data collected easier to process
  • Group related fields
  • Label fields as optional instead of compulsory
    • Avoid using asterisks to mark compulsory fields
  • Do not use placeholders to replace labels
  • Use autocomplete

Give feedback on interactions

  • Field validation should be inline (display errors next to the field)
  • Use a non-combative tone in error messages
  • Validate input in real time